Parking too close to intersections

Below are examples of delivery trucks parking too close to both 8th Ave NW and Division Ave intersections and crosswalks at 10:30 am today.

The law requires parking 30+ feet from stop signs and 20+ feet from crosswalks even if they’re unmarked. Notice by 8th, the truck is IN the crosswalk on this busy arterial? By Division, the truck is about five feet from the crosswalk. Maybe less.

This scenario is not unusual. Happens all the time at this stretch between 8th Ave and Division. Sometimes cars are parked too close to 8th on the north side of 70th, too, at the same time as on the south side. Bottleneck. There are metro bus and school bus stops here. And families crossing to get to nearby Kirke Park. And people who live here going about their daily lives and using the space. It’s a set up for accidents.

Take 5 Market needs a better situation for its delivery trucks’ and customer parking. The community needs the city’s help to keep those using these intersections safe. The six-unit live/work development with commercial space and no parking will exacerbate the existing situation. What can the city do to help? How about requiring parking for the development?





Here’s a car on the north side of 70th parked too close to 8th Ave today at 3:17 pm while the driver went into Take 5. There’s supposed to be at least 20 feet between the crosswalk and the parked car.