DPD refusing neighbors’ letters

Today, the DPD Public Resource Center (prc@seattle.gov) has started refusing letters from neighbors for the live/work project (project numbers 6424750 and 6424751) at 819 NW 70th Street and 6752 Division Ave NW. They state they’re not accepting comments because there’s no public notice for the project. The community is shut out.

One person received a reply from PRC staff that there are no active land use permits for 819 NW 70th Street; that DPD staff only could find the closed permit for the boundary line adjustment issued prior to the construction permit applications. What? Project number 6424750 is for the construction permit application for 819 NW 70th Street; that permit is pending approval. Another neighbor received a reply from PRC staff that it isn’t accepting comments for the project.

Could the DPD be any clearer about not wanting community involvement?

If you are going to write a letter expressing concerns with the project, instead of emailing prc@seattle.gov contact the DPD staff below in addition to City Council and the Mayor.


City Council Planning, Land Use and Sustainability (PLUS) Committee:

Mayor Ed Murray (website form): www.seattle.gov/mayor/get-involved/contact-the-mayor