One project or two? Comment on the proposed DPD Director’s Rule by 5/22

“If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

Are you OK with the city continuing to approve piecemealed projects like this without any community input? No? You can do something about this today.

By May 22nd, comment on the proposed DPD Director’s Rule (see below for how.) The DPD wants to shut down opportunities for Seattle residents to oppose the DPD’s claim that “one project is two,” which allows the DPD to bypass community input and a traffic study.

819 isn’t an anomaly. Other neighborhoods have sued Dan Duffus (who owns Blueprint, the developer of 819, and Soleil Development) and the city for piecemealing projects like this.

819 NW 70th Street’s 8,000+ square-foot development is one project, not two. If the city would be honest and acknowledge it’s one project like any kindergartener can see it is, then it would be forced to approve it as one, not two. One 8,000+ square-foot project would require the city to notify neighbors, hold a meeting for public input and conduct a traffic impact study, which would help mitigate existing traffic safety issues at that corner. Piecemealing the one project as two smaller ones means the developer–with the city’s approval–can skip those steps and shut out the community.

Stop by the work site on a weekday after 7 am and you’ll see one crew, one bulldozer, one continuous pit being excavated, one truck delivering materials, one Honey Bucket, one sewer system going in, one temporary utility pole, one owner–David Marcoe–stopping by. Look at the paperwork submitted to the DPD for both projects and notice the cut and paste approach to making one set of documents into two. It’s one project.

Speak up. Comment on this rule. Follow up your letter with an email to the DPD Director, DPD’s public resource center (they keep track of DPD’s public information), City Council and the Mayor to make sure they get the message. Contact information is at the bottom of this page. Spread the word.

May 07, 2015
Seattle Department of Planning and Development
Land Use Information Bulletin
A Twice-Weekly Bulletin Announcing Land Use Applications, Decisions, Hearings, and Appeals

Notice Date: 05/07/2015The Director of the Department of Planning and Development proposes to adopt the following Director’s Rules,
under the authority of Sections 3.06.040 and 23.41.004 of the Seattle Municipal Code: Director’s Rule 2-2015 Determining if two or more development proposals must be considered as one for purposes of applying SEPA categorical exemptions and Design Review thresholdsCopies of draft Director’s Rules relating to land use may be obtained at the Department of Planning and Development, at the Public Resource Center, 2000 Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Avenue.Information available:
Contact Samantha Updegrave
(206) 615-1892HOW TO COMMENT:
Written comments on the proposed adoption of the Rule may be submitted through May 22, 2015 to:Director Diane Sugimura
Department of Planning and Development
700 5th Avenue, Suite 2000
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, Washington  98124-4019

Also email:

> Mayor Ed Murray: (website)

> City Council Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee: