Why have land use code if the city doesn’t enforce it?

Seattle’s land use code requires 84 square feet outside for garbage and recycling containers for each of the two live/work “triplexes” at 819 NW 70th St. However, the developer, Blueprint, is allotting only 30 square feet outside for each triplex.

According to Blueprint’s response to the DPD about building plans not meeting the 84 square-foot requirement, Seattle Public Utilities wrote a letter for 819 approving the plan to locate 54 square feet inside closets in each triplex. No one is going to put a week’s worth of stinky trash and compost inside their units. Pet poop? Rotting food? Dirty diapers? Ick. The reality is there will be 18 containers outside in a space that can’t accommodate the 168 square feet legally required for them.

Does SPU have the authority to override code? Why have code if the DPD isn’t going to enforce it? If the DPD isn’t going to do its job, why have the DPD?