House Bill 1084

2/20/15 update: House Bill 1084 died because it wasn’t voted out of the Local Government Committee. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough support from the Seattle representative and others on the committee to keep it alive.

On January 15, 2015, Washington State legislators introduced House Bill 1084. If passed, it will force the city of Seattle to do what it already should be doing for projects like 819 NW 70th Street: provide public notice. Too often, a bulldozer is the notice. The city is not always honoring an existing process to notify residents of developments that will impact their communities. This bill would change that.

Today, ask legislators to support the bill. Use this fast online comment tool to tell legislators your feelings about the bill, which legislators will vote on in early February 2015. They read comments to see what people–especially those in their legislative district–think about the bill.

Also, please email or call the Local Government Committee members below who are voting on this bill. If you contact Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon and you live in West Seattle, please tell him you do. When writing, include the primary sponsor of the bill, Gerry Pollet.

Representative Dean Takko (D), Committee Chair
(360) 786-7806

Representative Mia Gregerson (D), Committee Vice Chair
(360) 786-7868

Representative David Taylor (R), Committee Ranking Minority Member
(360) 786-7874

Representative Dan Griffey (R), Committee Assistant Ranking Minority Member
(360) 786-7966

Representative Joe Fitzgibbon (D)
(360) 786-7952

Representative Joan McBride (D)
(360) 786-7848

Representative Bob McCaslin (R)
(360) 786-7820

Representative Strom Peterson (D)
(360) 786-7950

Representative Liz Pike (R)
(360) 786-7812

Representative Gerry Pollet (D), the sponsor of this bill
(360) 786-7886


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