Media Coverage

Kiro TV, May 29, 2015: Neighbors pushing for more warning, input on development across Seattle

MyBallard, May 12, 2015

Ballard News Tribune, January 27, 2015New bill aims to give neighbors a voice in development

Komo TV, January 14, 2015: House Bill 1084 would require cities to warn residents about new construction

Ballard News Tribune, October 21, 2014:
Boundaries have no ‘time’ when it comes to density development: Neighbors demand voice in 7,777 square foot project proposal


Be informed about the bigger issue.
Read how Seattle developers are using loopholes–with the city’s approval–to exploit rules for small lot development:

If you only have time for an article or two, read these:

Seattle Weekly, 9/10/14: Boomtown Brawls

Seattle Weekly, 7/25/12: Dan Duffus’ Crowded Houses
(Dan Duffus owns Blueprint, developer of 819 NW 70th Street)




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