Active community groups working on development issues in Seattle:

  • Seattle Fair Growth Neighbors across Seattle wanting to engage people citywide on issues that affect livability and sustainability.
  • Seattle Neighborhood Coalition Educating and advocating for livable neighborhoods since 1983.
  • Livable Ballard: “We seek to improve community engagement in growth and provide Ballard residents with tools and resources for planning and development that reflects our needs and values, not those of non-resident property developers.”

More community groups:

  • One Home Per Lot: small lot development in single family zoning (SF 5000). “If you’re searching for information and assistance to stop a small-lot house from being constructed in your neighborhood, see the What You Can Do page of this website. It includes all our best ideas, contacts and advice.”
  • Benchview Blog: West Seattle lawsuit over small lot single family home development.
  • Seattle Speaks Up: “Seattle Speaks Up is a community organization that seeks to maintain the diversity and livability of Seattle’s multifamily residential neighborhoods.”

Neighborhood Associations, Councils and Land Use Review Committees (LURC):

Citywide Associations and Community Councils:

Have suggestions for other community groups to add to this page? Please email us.







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