What You Can Do

Sign the 819 NW 70th Street public notice petition: www.change.org/divisionave

Contact the city ASAP!
Our community deserves a voice. Please use yours, and contact the city today. 

Angry there’s no public notice or community input for this 8,000+ square-foot, out-of-human-scale development on a residential side street? Concerned about the impact on existing traffic safety issues at NW 70th Street, 8th Ave NW and Division Ave NW? Email the city representatives below with your objections and reference DPD project numbers 6424750 and 6424751:

> Mayor Ed Murray: www.seattle.gov/mayor/get-involved/contact-the-mayor (website)

> City Council Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee:


In your email, voice project concerns. For example:

  1. There’s no public notice and excludes community involvement. This project crams a 8,000+ square-foot building with commercial space into a small lot on a residential street with no public notice or community input. The city is not providing public notice, community input or a traffic study. A live/work development 4,000 square feet and larger requires public notice, design review and an environmental impact study (i.e., traffic study). It’s the law. Why isn’t it being applied to 819 NW 70th Street?
  2. Exacerbates traffic safety issues. There’s no parking for the six residences with commercial spaces on an already congested, unsafe corner due to low visibility from parked cars and traffic bottlenecks.
  3. Out of human scale and character with the surrounding homes and neighborhood.

You want to do more? See One Home Per Lot’s suggestions for what to do.

Be informed. Read how developers use loopholes to exploit rules for small lot development.


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